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Chat the Planet: Political Correctness (CLIP: Racism)

Published 2003

Is it censorship or is it respect? A heated debate goes down between young South Africans and New York City with accusations of Americans creating political correctness and SA adopting its own version. The two groups talk about Affirmative Action, racism and much, much more. "It's the inherent hypocrisy of western society to pour on the salve of acceptance so we can all have a f***** nice day" concludes Zebulon Dread in one of the inserts. What is political correctness? How does it effect us? Does it matter? This episode answers these questions and letÂs us take the gag-order off.

Production Company NextNext Entertainment
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Windsor Baptist Audio Team - - January 29, 2007
Subject: Much less than you might expect
Three clips (in a variety of formats) showing brief fragments of what must have been a fascinating discussion of racism, from veried US and South African perspectives. Unfortunately it's just three short clips - the discussion is all but lost.

This could have been good - but the meat just isn't there!